• Vakinn Environmental Label

Environmental Policy

Special Tours´ environmental policy demonstrates the company´s dedication to conserving and protecting our natural environment. Through its implementation of this policy, Special Tours‘ aims to take its place in the worldwide drive towards sustainable tourism, working to contribute to, rather than detract from, the rich eco-system on which we rely.

Special Tours‘ objective of contributing to sustainable development is demonstrated in the following environmental policy:

Environmental impact of Special Tours‘ boats:

  • Special Tours‘ flagship boat, Rósin, was built in Iceland in the winter of 2009/2010. It is equipped with the latest technology, and engines which are both highly fuel efficient and which produce minimum sound pollution.
  • Andrea is the largest wale watching ship in Iceland  and despite its size, it is very fuel efficient and has a very low sound pollution as well.
  • Special Tours also operate two traditional Icelandic oak boats, which have been renovated for their current purpose. These boats not only serve to promote Iceland‘s culture and history of sustainable fishing, they also have a low fuel consumption rate.

Special Tours aims only to use environmentally friendly products for repair and maintenance of our vessels. We therefore choose eco-labelled products, such as pollution free paints, and materials which are not harmful to the environment as well as buying fair-trade products whenever possible.

Special Tours uses recyclable products as much as possible, and the use of single use products is avoided.

The Special Tours' guides are proud to inform passengers on-board their whale watching boats of their status as members of the Blue Flag eco-label and the Icelandic Iceland tourism's official quality label Vakinn.

Furthermore, the guides highlight to those onboard the importance of protecting the natural environment they are experiencing. This spirit of protection is directly implemented, as guides inform passengers of how to use the specially marked waste and recycling bins on board.

All new staff members are trained on our environmental policy and how to comply with it.

Special precautions are taken near whales and breeding birds to ensure that they are not disturbed. The crews of Special Tours strive to approach the wildlife with respect, and the captains slow down as much as possible before reaching the area where the animals tend to be, whether it is the whale watching grounds or the puffin islands.

Special Tours strongly opposes whale killing and supports the protection of endangered species. 

Special Tours has been a proud member of the international eco-label Blue Flag since May 2011.

In January 2014 the company receive the environmental and quality label Vakinn, Iceland tourism's official quality label.

March 2016 Special Tours received an environmental award, Fjörusteinninn, from the Associated Icelandic Ports.

In the beginning of the year 2016 Blue Flag started a new criteria for sustainable boating tourism. Special Tours proudly received the Blue Flag under this new and more intense criteria in April 2016.