Daily Diary
  • Dolphins 11.03.17

Rocky morning and cancelled afternoon tours

17.5.2017 Whale watching


This morning the Andrea left to Faxafloi with 17 excited passengers, making the trip very personal. As we reached the feeding ground we saw a flock of birds in the distance. It turned out to be a flock Northern gannets plunging into the water,  Black-backed seagulls, arctic terns, manx shearwaters and common guillemots all feeding in the same area. And as soon as we got closer we also found a nice pod of extremely friendly white-beaked dolphins that showed a lot of curiosity for the boat. They swam under the boat and jumped next to it, giving everybody the opportunity to have a very close look at their torpedo shaped bodies. As soon as the other whale watching boats came closer they left us, making the encounter an unique experience just for the Andrea  passengers. 

Tour Status: ON

Sightings: White beaked dolphins


Lilja left the Old Harbour of Reykjavik facing some waves on its way to the feeding grounds, but our passengers were having fun on the waves and they stayed out in the upper deck almost all the time. We joined some more whale watching boats and we search around the area of the feeding grounds. We could spot some Northern Fulmars gliding the surface of the sea and some nice Puffins that seemed to be not uncomfortable sitting on the waves. We also enjoyed the landscape around the bay of Faxafloi and the islands in front of the city of Reykjavik.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time without spotting any whales, but we offered our passengers the chance to rebook the tour and come back again to enjoy the whales. At least we were happy seeing that they enjoyed the trip and they had a good time with us.

Tour Status: ON

Sightings: No - Northern Fulmars, Puffins


13:00, 14:00 and 17:00 CANCELLED due to weather conditions

For rescheduling please call +354 5608800 or email info@specialtours.is