Daily Diary: Whale watching

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28.5.2017 Whale watching : Minkes in the Morning

Cloudy skies but good visibility!

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Lilja Whale Watching Reykjavik Iceland

27.5.2017 Whale watching : Whales, Whales, Whales!

Plenty of activity out in Faxaflói today

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Andrea in harbor

26.5.2017 Whale watching : A Minke Morning

Calm seas and plenty of wildlife

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25.5.2017 Whale watching : A National Holiday - not for the Whales!

The waters are calm today!

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24.5.2017 Whale watching : All Main Species Spotted in the Morning!

Good luck to our afternoon sailors

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22.5.2017 Whale watching : Just another Minke Monday!

It was windy today in Smoky Bay

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20.5.2017 Whale watching : Amazing weather in the bay

Sunshine, no wind and a bay full of animals, what a day!

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19.5.2017 Whale watching : Summer is here!

A beautiful day with our favourite whales in the sunlight :)

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Whale Watching Iceland Reykjavik

18.5.2017 Whale watching : Whale Watching & Puffin Express cancelled today

Very bad sea conditions today

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Dolphins 11.03.17

17.5.2017 Whale watching : Rocky morning and cancelled afternoon tours

Due to the bad sea conditions strting from midday we will have to cancel our Whales and Puffin tours for the afternoon

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Humpback Whale March Iceland Reykjavik

16.5.2017 Whale watching : Windy morning - Amazing evening!

Whe had all 4 main species today

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Bird Reykjavik Iceland

15.5.2017 Whale watching : Minke Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises!

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Reykjavik Iceland Landscape

14.5.2017 Whale watching : Lots of Activity in the Bay!

Slightly rough seas with lots of wildlife

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White Beaked Dolphin Reykjavik Iceland Whale Watching

13.5.2017 Whale watching : White Beaked Dolphins, Minkes & Birds

Great visibility in the bay today

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wind forecast reykjavik

12.5.2017 Whale watching : Afternoon at Sea

Rough sea conditions in the bay today!

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weather forecast wind reykjavik iceland

11.5.2017 Whale watching : All Whale Watching Tours + Sea Angling CANCELLED

The Icelandic weather is as unpredictable as ever. 

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10.5.2017 Whale watching : All Whale Watching & Puffin Tours + Sea Angling CANCELLED

It is too windy and the ocean is too rough to sail today

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rosin going whale watching

9.5.2017 Whale watching : Grey Skies & White Beaked Dolphins

Very active dolphins out this afternoon

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