Daily Diary

Sunny Weekend

15.7.2017 Whale watching


On this Saturday morning the bay was fairly calm and visibility good. After some strong winds from southeast, the recent days, the bay of Faxaflói had calm down and the clouds were thinner this morning. We saw little bird presence at the entrance of the feeding ground as we searched towards west. Further northwest we found a gathering of arctic tern along with some presence of puffins and northern fulmar. At one location colleagues saw a minke whale briefly so we headed in that direction. We arrived there and search well but found instead some harbour porpoises that came briefly up to the surface. Closer to the entrance of Hvalfjörður our sister ship Lilja came across a minke whale so headed towards that location. We found no further signs, so eventually the course was set to southeast and south leading back to the Old harbour in Reykjavík. Since our sightings were too brief this morning we offered our passengers a complimentary tour so they could try again another time.

Tour Status: ON
Sightings: NO - Minke whale, Harbour Porpoise - but due to brief sightings we are offering our passengers the chance to come and try again!



Lilja sailed out of Reykjavik Old Harbour for a whale watching cruise in the Icelandic waters of Faxafloi bay. We headed west to the feeding grounds and when we got there we saw a Minke Whale that passed in front of us. It came up a few times before disappearing. Then we searched but could not find any more whales. Towards the end of the tour we found a large flock of birds that was feeding. We waited there for a while but no whales to be found. There were Puffins, Northern Gannets, Guillemots, Northern Fulmars, Kittiwakes. Some people on the boat had not been able to see the whale. We invited them to contact our office in order to book a new tour.

Tour Status: ON

Sightings: NO - Brief Minke whale, passengers invited to join again for free!




On this Saturday afternoon the bay of Faxaflói stayed calm, visibility was good but the wind did increase over the course of this wildlife excursion. We searched the feeding ground towards west and came across several gatherings of birds. At the fourth feeding frenzy we detected some movement underneath the birds. We found two minke whales there that were feeding and came frequently up to the surface fairly to our ship Andrea. At some point they also stuck their out of the sea, possibly to have a look around or spy hopping as it is called. Shortly before we found these minke whales some splashes were sighted further north. So after the minke whales had dived we headed in that direction to follow up on those signs. We searched further northwest for possible white beaked dolphins and found two gatherings of birds but no dorsal fins.

Tour Status: ON
Sightings: YES - Minke whales


Lilja sailed out of Reykjavik's Old Harbour for a whale watching tour. Unfortunately we could not get any proper whale sighting during this tour. We saw lots of birds, Puffins, NOrthern Gannets, Northern Fulmars, Blacked Back Gulls, but no whales. Our fellow passengers were offered to come back for free. A new chance to see whales for everyone on board.

Tour Status: ON
Sightings: NO - everybody can join us again for free!



Andrea sailed out of Reykjavik's Old Harbour towards the feeding grounds in the Icelandic waters of Faxafloi bay. We headed west and saw large flocks of birds in the distance. Once we reached them we were able to spot a Minke Whale a few times. The whale offered nice sightings. Then we sailed southwards and saw a blow. There we found more birds and a Humpback Whale that was swimming around, feeding. We saw many blows and the whale came to the surface many times. We saw birds, Puffins, Northern Gannets, Northern Fulmars, Blacked Back Gulls, Guillemots.

Tour Status: ON
Sightings: YES - Humpback whale, Minke Whale



We sailed off into the sunset and soon after we reached the feeding grounds a Minke whale appeared straight in front of our boat. He surfaced 3 times and left quickly. We continued our search and found a sprout - a Humpback Whale! We were following it for a while and admiring it feeding in the middle of a pod of white beaked dolphins. We stayed a bit longer than usual as the humpback just did not let us leave :)

Tour Status: ON

YES - Humpback whale, Minke whale, White beaked Dolphins