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Northern Lights in the Night

19.3.2017 Northern lights

 We sailed out from Reykjavík´s Old Harbor on our Northern Lights adventure under partially cloudy skies, although the forecast predicted they would clear for us. As we went further from the city lights, we could make out some stars through gaps in the clouds. Soon we arrived at a quiet spot in Kollafjörður and began to wait. It was very cold, but fortunately our free overalls kept everyone nice and warm. After a while, a clear spot emerged above Mount Esja, and sure enough, the Northern Lights appeared for us! Slowly but surely they became brighter and brighter, until we could see them quite well. There were some clouds in the way, but the aurora shined right through them. Eventually they calmed down again, coming back now and then to the north. Later on we sailed back to the harbor happy with our glimpse of this natural phenomenon.

Tour Status: ON

Sightings : YES