Daily Diary
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Beautiful Day at Sea

19.3.2017 Whale watching

We sailed out from Reykjavík´s Old Harbor on this morning´s whale watching tour with partly cloudy skies and very strong winds from the north. We took a northerly route into Faxaflói Bay towards the feeding grounds, taking shelter close to Mount Esja. It was very cold, but fortunately our overalls kept everyone nice and warm! We turned towards the west deeper into the bay, and soon came upon our first sighting: a pod of white-beaked dolphins! There were about 4-6 in total, and we observed them quite well as they were feeding within 50 meters of the boat, showing off their beautiful gray and white colorations. We followed them for a while until they headed off, and we did also to continue our search. Before long we came upon another pod of dolphins, and this time there was a very young calf among the group! We watched this nice family moment as the dolphins came up to us out of curiosity, and eventually we left them alone and headed back to the harbor. We had a very nice look at these toothed whales this morning!

Tour Status: ON

Sightings: YES- White Beaked Dolphins

The wind was calming down for the afternoon whale watching tour, so we were excited to head out again. We sailed again out of Kollafjörður and into Faxaflói Bay, this time sailing northwest towards the feeding grounds. It was nice and sunny, which almost made up for the cold Icelandic winter weather! Soon we spotted a huge flock of feeding birds far in front of us. We went to investigate, and were rewarded by a sighting of a large pod of white-beaked dolphins! There were many different subgroups, perhaps 20 dolphins in all, and they were feeding all around us for quite awhile. We watched these beautiful animals as they leaped excitedly while hunting, and came within 5 meters of the boat many times! Clearly these were very curious dolphins, and we got some excellent looks at them. Soon we decided to head off, and eventually we got word that a larger cetacean had been spotted in the distance. We approached the area and searched along with the other boats, but unfortunately this whale didn't make an appearance again, so we sailed through the feeding grounds back to the Old Harbor. Although the sailing was rough at times, the scenery and the animals were fantastic!

Tour Status: ON

Sightings: YES-White Beaked Dolphins