Daily Diary

28.6.2017 Whale watching : Misty Minkes

Cool and misty morning with great sightings!

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27.6.2017 Whale watching : Hungry Humpbacks!

Feeding humbpacks, a glimpse of minkes and fast dolphins

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26.6.2017 Whale watching : Humpbacks and Minke Whales!

A calm day out in the bay 

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25.6.2017 Whale watching : Three Species Spotted in the Morning!

A delightfully sunny morning with Humpbacks, Minkes and Dolphins 

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24.6.2017 Whale watching : Humpbacks, Porpoises and Minkes at 13:00, but Rest of Day CANCELLED

Great sightings on our afternoon tour but unfortunately the wind is too strong to sail out again

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23.6.2017 Whale watching : Wind & Whales

Minkes and humpbacks in the bay today!

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Humpback Whale Whale Watching Reykjavik Iceland Special Tours

22.6.2017 Whale watching : Humpback in the Rain

Cloudy skies but great sightings

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Whale Watching Iceland Reykjavik

21.6.2017 Whale watching : Minkes and Humpbacks today!

Rainy morning - sunny afternoon :)

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whale watching reykjavik iceland

20.6.2017 Whale watching : Minkes in the Morning, but Rough Afternoon Conditions

Friendly Minke spotted in the morning but the sea conditions were too rough to sail in the afternoon

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Orca Whale Watching Reykjavik Iceland Special Tours Killer Whale

19.6.2017 Whale watching : Orcas in the Evening!

Another lovely day out in the bay

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Minke Whale Whale Watching Reykjavik Iceland

18.6.2017 Whale watching : A Rainy & Sunny Sunday

We already saw lots of minke whales on the morning tours!

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whale watching reykjavik iceland

16.6.2017 Whale watching : Minke Madness!

A massive minke whale gathering spotted on our morning tours and Humpbacks in the evening!

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whale watching iceland reykjavik

15.6.2017 Whale watching : Gray in the Bay

Minke whales on all tours with friendly porpoises and dolphins in between

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14.6.2017 Whale watching : Warm Wednesday On The Bay!

Humpback, Curious Minkies, Harbor porpoises    

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13.6.2017 Whale watching : Calm seas - that's how we like it!

Minkes & friends sighted in the morning

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11.6.2017 Whale watching : Minke Morning

We had a lovely morning with Minke whales

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10.6.2017 Whale watching : Great Weather Continues...

And so do the sightings! Minkes, Dolphins & Porpoises

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whale watching reykjavik summer

9.6.2017 Whale watching : Amazing Weather & Lovely Whales!

Summer is here, and so are the whales!

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