The Catch

You never know what you will catch when you go sea angling - thats the beauty of nature!

Here are some of the common fish that we have caught on our tours:

Þorskur / Cod

Atlantic Cod

One of the most common fish found around Iceland, and extremely valuable to the Icelandic Economy. This fish is a bottom feeder and can grow up to 2 meters in length. It is most commonly found at depths between 100 and 400 meters. The Atlantic Cod will eat anything that will fit in its mouth, be it crustaceans like shrimps and amphipods, or smaller fish, even smaller cods. It is eaten by seals, sharks, whales and of course humans.

Ýsa / Haddock


This fish is easily recognised by the black spots behind the dorsal fins. The story goes that once upon a time, the Devil himself wanted to catch a fish. He put his hand in the ocean and brought up a Haddock. But his fingers left two black spots on the body. The Haddock was thrashing around and slipped away, but the devils fingers left black lines on the body (explaining the black lateral lines running along the body). The Haddock can grow up to a meter in length, and weigh up to 20Kg. It is closely related to the Atlantic Cod. It is also a bottom feeder, and feeds on a variety of food, such as crustaceans and smaller fish.

Steinbítur / Catfish


This fish has a long, eel-like body, and it has extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth with grinding molars. It mainly feeds on crustaceans like sea-urchins and Shellfish. When caught, extreme caution must be shown in order to keep all your fingers. It is considered a delicacy by Icelanders. The Atlantic Wolffish can grow up to 125cm long, but a more common length is about 80cm. It can grow up to 20 years of age, but grows rather slowly. The Icelandic name for this fish is Steinbítur, which translates to „Stone-Biter“.

Lúða / Halibut


Ufsi / Pollock