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School Trips

Educational & Interactive school trips!

All aboard for adventure

School trips are run every year with Special Tours.They are designed for children and teenagers andenjoy great popularity. We can expect up to about 1000 students from various schools across the greater Reykjavik area to go on trips with us every year and an increasing number of students from abroad also enjoyour trips each year, much to our delight.

Rating: 5 stars

“The students loved this tour. Amazing weather and the guide was really informative!”

What's included

  • Guided boat tour
  • An educational & Interactive focus
  • Expert guide
  • Safety vests/floatable overalls
  • Wi-Fi, Coffee shop and Souvenirs on board

Tour details

Availability: Private tours upon request or join our scheduled tours!
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Guidance: English 

Scientific tours: One hour tours where our experienced guide teaches school children about marine biology, weather and some basic rules of sailing. We use a plough to catch some marine life from the bottom of the sea and they are explained and the children can look and feel them, i.e. starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers and brittle stars.

Whale Watching: Just like any other, study groups always recognize the value of seeing these biggest mammals on earth acting naturally in their natural and free habitats. The students can learn from the experienced guides on-board who ask the passengers to help them protect the environment, the ocean and these magnificent animals. Observing the actions and behaviors of the whales is an unforgettable experience for the young.


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