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The Rose

Rosin (The Rose) was built solely for the purpose of whale watching, it is one of the fastest passenger boats with indoor seating marking a significant milestone for whale watching activity in Iceland. Rosin will get you faster to the whales as well as other locations around the bay you wish to visit! 

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This lovely luxurious ship is one of a kind in Iceland and can seat up to 130 passengers inside in a comfortable area with big windows for great viewing on both floors. And for those adventurous who want to stay outside it has extra large viewing decks so everyone can find a spot by the railing.

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Old Skuli

Skúlaskeið or “Old Skúli” is an old charming wooden boat we use for our Puffin Watching Tours. It was built in Siglufjörður in 1959 and for most of its life it was mainly used as a ferry between Reykjavík and Viðey.

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Lilja - Special Tours


Lilja is a fast cruising catamaran and the newest addition to Special Tours´ fleet sailing from our neighbouring country Norway in the spring of 2016 to its new home here in Iceland. It has an economical cruising speed of 24 knots and was renovated in 2014 on the inside and on the outside in 2016.

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