About us

Looking for authentic Icelandic experiences? Much like our Viking forefathers, we crave adventure on the open sea. Experience these Wildlife Adventures aboard our luxury vessels!

Special Tours was founded in 1996 as a Puffin Watching & School Trip Sea Tour Operator. We are very proud to be the first company in our marketplace to offer these unique tours from Reykjavík & for being able to have expanded into offering all the other sea adventures we offer today.

Special Tours Wildlife Adventures is known amongst passengers and partners for its ambitious & hard working team, aiming for great adventures for every tour and for every client. Our staff excels in running the operation of Whale Watching Tours, Puffin Tours, Sea Angling and Northern Lights Excursions.

Special Tours' main focus is comfort and personal service, while making sure we protect and respect the environment. We have a skilled & friendly crew, as well as an experienced guide on every tour.

"Special Tours is truly a hands-on company! Let their friendly crew and professional guides take you on an educational and fun-filled marine adventure in Faxaflói Bay."
Dr. Carole Carlson
Head of research and education for
the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, Cape Cod USA

Vision & Mission

Special Tours offers sea adventures all year around, both to individuals and groups. We offer competitive prices and put a great emphasis on excellent service and a great experience on our tours. We are continuously developing our service and range of products, as well as finding new ways to excel in whatever we offer.

Our employees all cherish the company´s environmental policy and together we are working towards sustainable tourism.

As a part of our social responsibility policy we support the local community as well as focusing in building a good relationship with our fellow colleagues in the sector, neighbors, suppliers and customers.

Special Tours main goal is to be a leading company in sustainable tourism in Iceland along with providing excellent customer service and great variety of tours to our customers.

Why we think we're Special

Attention to detail - Authenticity - Customer First

Free Wi-Fi - Millenials can't stop photo sharing!
We respond to all Trip Advisor reviews
Social Media Savvy - engaging with #travelers
Top rated by Viator
Clients say we have great-looking guides!

Company information:

Special Tours
ID Number: 520796-2159

Aegisgardur 13 
101 Reykjavík



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